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Chiho Watanabe

Chiho Watanabe, B.S. in Health Sciences, School of Health Sciences, University of Tokyo (UTokyo), M.S. in Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, UTokyo, M.S. in Toxicology, Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, U.S., and Ph.D. in Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, UTokyo. He is now President of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, and Professor Emeritus, UTokyo. He was the instructor in Environmental Health Sciences for Tohoku University School of Medicine, Professor in Human Ecology of Graduate School of Medicine, UTokyo, Chair, School of International Health, Graduate School of Medicine, and Chair in the School of Integrated Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine. He is now the Director of the Network for Education and Research on Asia, Professor for the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science, and Earth observation Data Integration and Fusion Research Initiative, UTokyo.

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