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Keith McLea

Keith McLea, Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Victoria University of Wellington, Chief Executive of International Cooperation on Environmental and Development of the New Zealand’s Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR) and Special Advisor to the China Council for International Cooperation on Environmental and Development (CCICED). ESR is one of seven Crown Research Institutes - Crown-owned companies that carry out scientific research for the benefit of New Zealand and other national and international partners. ESR’s science capabilities lie in the areas of clean water, public health, food safety and safer communities through world-class forensics. Dr. McLea has dedicated nearly forty years to New Zealand’s public service, having overseen considerable growth of the company and an increased uptake of ESR’s water, health, food and forensics capabilities, particularly in international markets including Asia, the U.S. and Europe. He has been responsible for the development of legislation, implementing innovative change programmes, and has extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of organizational development initiatives. During his 16 years at New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation, Dr. McLea chaired the Ministerial enquiry into the management, health effects and compensation for asbestos-related diseases in New Zealand (31 of the 32 recommendations were accepted and implemented by the Government). 

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