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Markku Kulmala

Markku Kulmala, Member of Academia Europaea, Academician of the Academy of Finland, Foreign Member of Chinese Academy of Science, and Director of Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), University of Helsinki, Finland. He leads the Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science - From Molecular and Biological processes to the Global Climate. He is active in international initiatives to improve comprehensive continuous measurement networks all around the world, and to solve air quality - climate change interactions. Mr. Kulmala’s research consists of Stations for Measuring the Earth surface - Atmosphere Relationships (SMEAR) field stations. SMEAR investigate aerosol and trace gas concentrations, fluxes, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, aerosol formation and growth, dynamics of atmospheric clusters and ions, and the biogenic background for processes leading to aerosol formation. There are SMEAR-type stations in China, Sweden, Cyprus and Estonia. The newest initiative is to establish a GlobalSMEAR network. Mr. Kulmala has published over 950 original research papers, 17 of which in Nature, 16 in Science and 7 in Physical Review Letters. According to the ISI Web of Knowledge, Mr. Kulmala is 1st in the Citation Rankings in Geosciences (since May 1st, 2011). The total number of citations is over 41500 (from over 12900 different papers). H-factor is 103.

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