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ISAC Membership
Beate Jessel

Beate Jessel, President of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany, former Chair of Strategy and Management in Landscape Development, Technical University of Munich. Prof. Jessel leads the German government’s scientific authority with responsibility for national and international nature conservation. Her personal areas of research include conceptualization of nature conservation, landscape development and land use management, theories and methodologies of ecologically oriented planning, etc. In the context of the international relations work of her agency, she puts an emphasis on the bilateral cooperation with China, following her engagement as international Co-Chair in the CCICED Task Force “Ecosystem services and management”. A close cooperation between BfN and the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) continues for more than 10 years. Besides, a number of projects and activities have been carried out with other Chinese partners since 2008 in the field of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. Currently, she also advises the CCICED’s Special Policy Study “Post 2020: Global Biodiversity Conservation” as a member of the research team.

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