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Merched Azzi

Merched Azzi, B.S. in Physics, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, and Chief Research Scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia. Dr. Azzi leads research in Emissions Management, CO2 capture and atmospheric science and modelling. He identified research that would be most useful and applicable to energy-environment management challenges facing Australia and the world during an unprecedented change in the energy mix. He initiates research topics to generate fundamental science and insights into the effects of technological advances in achieving energy and environmental goals. Dr. Azzi has been very active in research related to control and management of GHG and non-GHG emissions, atmospheric chemistry and modelling, fine particles, air quality studies including modelling and assessment of emissions. Dr. Azzis research program addresses such research topics as emissions and measurements of emerging pollutants, atmospheric fates of pollutants, CO2 capture and utilization, advanced air quality models for the development of sustainable energy applications and smart-city design, and interplay between the energy sector and environmental policy and regulations. The program has provided the scientific knowledge required by industry and regulators to work together towards implementing the appropriate policies for local, regional and global pollution reductions.

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